Monday, April 09, 2007

Define Love...?

With a blog called Lovemarks, very often people think that it is easy for me to always talk of love or have a 'loving disposition' or am always this lovey-dovey creature... and one question I really cannot relate to is that of defining love. What kind of question is that anyway?!

I don't think love can be explained in a line or few words strung together...I cannot define or quantify love. Just cannot!

For how can I explain that feeling that makes me go beyond barriers, boundaries and beyond myself for someone else?

How does one explain what is that 'thing' that rises from within, consumes and then envelops you, before going beyond yourself for someone else?

What can one say of that feeling where one just wants to give everything of one's self whenever possible?

How does one express the confusion, ecstasy, madness, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration and so much more- all felt at one moment- one look- one touch- one harsh word- one betrayal?

Is it possible to explain why one so easily believes in fate and destiny, universal law and soul mates, the sun and moon, stars and planets- sometimes hopelessly praying or even begging them to consider your request?

What would one call that feeling that colours every thing around in one glowy warmth and transcends from yourself onto everything or everyone that passes by?

How does one describe the feeling that makes me believe in magic? And in fairies, moon dust, falling stars, walks in the rain, sitting by the beach and watching the sun go down, sharing a movie and popcorn, a long drive anywhere, a hug, a smile, a whisper, a wink, a look and thousand secrets shared then....

Can one define the feeling for anyone who's in your mind the moment that begins with your waking and resting and all the time in between, in your every breath, thought and sometimes word?

And can anyone ever describe that deep plunge the heart takes wherein you can feel the ground beneath, and then suddenly surges high to take you amongst the clouds...all by one special look by a special person?

There's more... but then again, how does one express all that is within when all you do is be silent and hold it within?

............. nah! This is not some delayed post-Valentine post, but something that is always current...Was reading the quote for the day on my blog... kind of interesting and goes with the topic too...just in case you still want me to define love, here goes one definition:
"Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life". Leo Buscaglia

ps: Had disappeared into my own La la land (which is not my blog always) for a while... but am back, for good! ;)