Sunday, January 14, 2007


Since you've gone…

All I have are memories

That I can call mine.

Since you've gone,

I've missed the comfort…

and the strength,

But I've managed fine.

Since you've gone…

Days have passed by

And this fledgling


has learnt to fly.

Since you've gone,

You no longer remained you…

Now you exist in me

And I, as you.


Wrote this poem for a friend who's doing a choreography on women, and having in the background pictures of mothers and daughters, but with all those mothers passed away. Could not think of how to word this, until I thought of my father... so this poem is dedicated to him.
Guru bhai aayo re!!!

Last year saw Munnabhai and Gandhigiri, this year sees Gurukant Desai and Dhandagiri!

Caught 'Guru' over the weekend, and was surprised to actually get tickets so easily...Had heard so much from others that I didn't want to miss a chance to see it. I was not totally disappointed. Am not getting into details or the storyline, but will make a few observations.
- Mani Ratnam has created a larger than life image and picture. Good for him!
- The setting and decor are well taken care of.
- Abhishek Bacchhan has done a good job. At times, his voice is so like Big B that I had to make an effort to realise this is the baby. But to give him credit, he has surpassed his father in this movie...
- Ash can't act! Period. She's a pretty, make that extremely pretty face...and even Mani Ratnam could not manage getting the best of her. Although her dancing skills have improved tremendously.
- Saroj Khan's choreography is the same ghisa-pita one...nothing interesting and I also felt that it let down the magic of AR Rahman's voice and song of 'Tere bina'. And there are too many songs in the movie, which take away from it's essence- also the reality of the characters.
- The heroine was Mallika Sherawat- was a pleasure to see her move! :)
- Gulzar (although I abs love that man!) is losing his touch- though there were few lines in some songs that were brilliantly put together.
- The movie is about Dhirubhai Ambani all the way, inspite of the disclaimer put right at the beginning of the movie. They made a hero and a martyr of him, by acclaiming his methods of business done at any cost!

All in all, a movie worth a dekko- at least once!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The edge of reason

Have you ever been on the edge
of being alive or dead...
wanting to cross over,
to the other side,
just to know what could lie ahead?

What was it that stopped you then?
The fear of knowing a fate irrevocable;
or a lack of courage...
that was greater
than the want so desirable.

Or was it a voice that called out to you?
That actually said nothing but you heard it somehow...
...a reassurance to your existence...
And maybe you stopped, only to turn to look at that noise
which seemed more exciting perhaps,
than to bear death's silence?

(C) lovemarks, 2007.