Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everyday stories.

Don't have a great camera, but do have a passion for photography... and over the years have great pics taken...most people say I have the 'eye'... :) ... either ways, I love to shoot and off late have gotten pretty fascinated by people. A picture can tell a thousand words indeed. As I have been moving around the city for documenting the architecture and heritage buildings (part of the heritage walks that I conduct), I have been stunned by the emotions that fill me when I shoot a person or living thing...have still been unable to fathom it...

1. 'Lord of the small things'
(c) D.Athale, 2007

He waits,

he watches.
One day, some day...
these small dreams
will be real size too.

2.Light and it's shadow.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
If everything lit always threw a shadow, wonder where does light hide it's shadow?

3. Time-bound
(c) D.Athale, 2007Time stood mute testimony
As he scrubbed and laboured
And not a word was spoken,
when the sparkle was delivered.

4. Weather- beaten.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
Old arms, tired of supporting
Old joints, tired of holding
The weathered facade of mine
rests, along with those,
who pray ... in me.

5.Smoky Dreams
(c) D.Athale, 2007
One last puff
before I say 'done',
My eyes closed,
I sleep.
My hands and lips continue...
Allowing me to have smoky dreams.

All photographs and text are copyright of D.Athale. 2007.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jab We Met...

As my new year resolution of staying fit, I have joined a class that teaches Power Aerobics (whatever that means) and Bollywood Dancing (I so wanted to learn this!). And one of the first songs we are dancing on is 'Mauja hi Mauja' from the movie 'Jab We Met'.

I had happened to see the movie few months ago. And was totally unprepared to the fact that not only would I like it a lot, but find it any day better than other movies like 'Om Shanti Om', etc. A very feel good, light-hearted, romantic and yet not too emotional a movie. It had a good mix of script, direction, acting and music. Shaheed was exceptionally good! And I really felt sad for him, when I heard about his split with Kareena, because one could see the love and passion he had for her during this movie.

And the songs really are fun to hear. A different approach to music. Some good lyrics too.

One of the songs I really liked was 'Tumse hi'... enjoy!
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane

Kyun hona hi hai

Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati
Tumse hi tumse hi

Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

Aankhon mein ankhne teri
Bahoon mein baahein teri
Mera na mujhe mein kuch raha hua kya
Baaton mein baatein teri
Raatein saugatein teri
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya
hua kya
Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
Tumse hi mil jata hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi

Shoor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi se Behoshi hai
Tum se hi tum se hi

Aadha sa wada kabhi
Aadhe se jayada kabhi
Jee chahe karlu is trah wafa ka
Chode na chote kabhi
Tode na tute kabhi
Jo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka

Mein Tera sharmaya hoon
Jo mein ban paya hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi
Raste miljate hai
Manzile miljati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quit 'monkey'ing around!

My two-bits on the India-Australia Cricket chaos...

- For one, I don't understand why there was no uproar when the umpires were obviously being biased.

- I don't know why the Indian team is still around in Australia, and hoping to still play after all that happened. Do they have no self-pride left? Is the money more important than the prestige?

- Why did the Indians not put a case when one of the players was called a 'bastard'?

- Considering that the word 'monkey' was taken as a racist term, because it supposedly raised questions on the person's parentage... Come again, what was that?

- If the term monkey is a racist term...then god help the theory of evolution, and us all. Because then the question does become of the parentage of humans.

- And then again, if the term 'monkey' is a racist term and we all humans are supposedly evolved from monkeys, then what does that make the Australians? Non-humans, for one. Other options... keep guessing.

And finally, what did the poor monkeys do to make their entire breed an example of racism?