Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everyday stories.

Don't have a great camera, but do have a passion for photography... and over the years have great pics taken...most people say I have the 'eye'... :) ... either ways, I love to shoot and off late have gotten pretty fascinated by people. A picture can tell a thousand words indeed. As I have been moving around the city for documenting the architecture and heritage buildings (part of the heritage walks that I conduct), I have been stunned by the emotions that fill me when I shoot a person or living thing...have still been unable to fathom it...

1. 'Lord of the small things'
(c) D.Athale, 2007

He waits,

he watches.
One day, some day...
these small dreams
will be real size too.

2.Light and it's shadow.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
If everything lit always threw a shadow, wonder where does light hide it's shadow?

3. Time-bound
(c) D.Athale, 2007Time stood mute testimony
As he scrubbed and laboured
And not a word was spoken,
when the sparkle was delivered.

4. Weather- beaten.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
Old arms, tired of supporting
Old joints, tired of holding
The weathered facade of mine
rests, along with those,
who pray ... in me.

5.Smoky Dreams
(c) D.Athale, 2007
One last puff
before I say 'done',
My eyes closed,
I sleep.
My hands and lips continue...
Allowing me to have smoky dreams.

All photographs and text are copyright of D.Athale. 2007.


APOO said...

Not only do you have the eye, you also have the words!

Photographer and poet... wah! kya baat hai!

Radha said...

Its strange ... I do not know you nor do you know me. But I have enjoyed reading your blog, your thoughts. It touches a part of me.

I know you wonder whether anyone ever reads your blogsite ... but now you know.


lovemarks said...

* apoo: shukriya sarkaar...Is nacheez ki tarif karne ko! :)

* radha: thanks! It's one of the nicest thing anyone has ever written on my blog... made my blogging worth it! :)

Yes, I used to wonder if anyone reads my blog...but luckily found out there are few...real few, but are. hehe.

IdeaSmith said...

I love this post. What a pity I got here so late...I'd have wanted to link this to DesiPundit.

Apoo's're a good photographer as well as a poet.

lovemarks said...

* Ideasmith: thanks! You can still link this to DesiPundit. Posts like these never have an expiry date. :)