Friday, June 26, 2009


It was quite shocking to hear that Michael Jackson is no more... and he passed away just like that. All too suddenly.  And too early.

Like many others, I have grown up on his music and danced to many of his tunes. And although I never imitated his moonwalk, I so loved watching him do it. What an exceptionally talented musician and performer!  A 'super star' in all ways! 

Few years ago when he was accused of being a child abuser, I could not believe it. Only because he himself came across as such a child and a shy one too. It was more disheartening to hear about it as he was someone who I really liked and respected. I guess it was never easy to come out of a childhood he actually never had, be such a wonderful musician and great entertainer, change his looks and bear all the criticism and glare that came with the spotlight. I always feel that someone who can give so much joy and happiness to people through something so beautiful as music, cannot be a bad person at all. Maybe misguided yes, but not bad. 

As I read somewhere,"Michael lived his life in the spotlight and spotlights provide selective lllumination. They also create a lot of shadow, in which much can hide. "  And hide he did. As much as he could. And as far as he could go. 

And gone he is now forever. In to his own Neverland, finally, never to grow up. Hopefully he is happy and at peace now, wherever he may be.

His songs touched all our lives and his mysterious life captured all our imaginations. In death too, he cast a mystery, probably fuelling more angst and rumour than he did when he was alive. The legendendary MJ is no more... but the legend of MJ will always live. For legend he is and will long remain so.

RIP, Michael Jackson. God bless. You'll be missed by us all who love music.