Friday, July 28, 2006

Every public gathering I see you looking
with bemused eyes, wanting to see the consequence
of your product
but not wanting to be there either…
Is it you or your imagery that brings them there?
Wouldn’t you like to know?
Every written word of yours
is there for all to see; And yet for you there is always
a large melee…You don’t see it as necessary
but you know you can't help people
the way they’d rather be…So tell me,
what goes on in your mind there,
when they all want a piece of you instead…
Thursday- May 2, 2002

Friday, July 14, 2006

May there be love all around!

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.”
Henry Drummond
Felt the need to share this quote with all. As I have mentioned once before, give rhymes with live.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh blimey!

People who want to contact loved ones in Mumbai, please do so through this blog
I had said that 9th was a day of horrors... but will rephrase that for today-the 11th!
What has happened to my Mumbai!!!!??? :(
I hope all you blogger friends in Mumbai are ok! Leave a comment so I'll know.
For people trying home, please note all communications have been jammed.
For more news on the situation...
Yesterday was a time filled with horrors.
- Mumbai's citizens lost their mind and overrated the value of 'some mud'.
- This infectious disease spread and cast a dark shadow on the entire state as everything was shut down.

- Zizou (Zinedine Zidane) was shown a red card. What a sad way to exit for one of the greatest players of all times! :(
- France lost! (my
post on the first day of the World Cup had foretold that France will definitely have a chance- inspite of all rooting for Brazil and Germany as the likely contenders. I was not too far from the truth- Damn! I should've been betting or better still, been a bookie!)
- I spent a sleepless night drowned by my own sorrows of this loss and the noisy clatter of the neighbour rooting for Italy... grrr!!!

Well today's a new bright day, there seems some semblance of sanity returning and routines being caught up with...also a glorious full moon night... and some friends' birthdays too... one of them being
Harjee! So I guess it should be a happy day! :)

Have a great week peepulz!

ps; yes, my earlier post is pending. Will put it up soon... am trying to hunt for pics.
pps: yes, it was a good day- Zizou won the Golden Ball Award as the best player in the World Cup! :D

Saturday, July 01, 2006

memories and more...

I was travelling through the city and crossing one of the many bridges that Pune has... running parallel to the road is a railway track. One does not often see trains on the track even though it is functional and used daily. But this day, I saw a train...and it would have been an ordinary moment, but for the fact that the train was a Mumbai 'local' in appearance. And just looking at a piece of stretched metal took me back to Mumbai and the memories spilled over... (sigh!)

Likewise, a dog standing nonchalantly in the middle of the road (why on earth do they do that?!), reminded me of my trip in Ahmedabad. I had gone to cover some heritage properties for a feature in the magazine I was working for, all of which are couple of hours around Ahmedabad. I had stayed over at the architect- Hiren Patel's home (now a good friend too!) and we had planned the various routes and days accordingly. There were 3 heritage properties to be seen. Then Hiren was called to the first site urgently, beforehand. And his wife, her friend and I then made the trip to Balaram Palace.
The journey was fun and I got a lot of interesting tattle to hear about the city. As I was sitting in the front seat, next to the driver, (as I often love to do because it gives me a great view and I tend to sometimes take photographs too…) I had the complete road stretched out in front of me. And that is how the question came to my mind… why the hell do dogs sit/crap/eat and more in the middle of the road!? No, this was not something that came out of the blue, but because of what I saw. That day, the to and fro journey saw me seeing dead dogs on the road- 21 to be precise!!! I started counting after the 4th one… And normally get distressed by seeing one dead dog…and here with this phenomenal numbers, I was quite out of my mind and had become completely numb. Made me think Ahmedabad as the ‘city of dogs’ more than being the ‘land of peacocks’…
as of now, with the current political scenario, I realize that my thoughts were not very far from the truth.

Balaram Palace lies in Palanpur, on the Abu road, close to the Rann of Kutch. Once a royal retreat of the Lohani Nawab family, it was converted into a heritage hotel and has been modified. My architect friend being responsible for its overall restoration. Lying amidst a forest area, the Palace gets a majestic view of the Aravalli Hills. Since I had come with the architect, and was doing a feature on the place, I was treated like royalty. And was made to stay in the Royal King’s Suite (now called one of the 4 Golden rooms). “This was where Amitabh Bachchan stayed when he was shooting for one of his movies…”, I was told conspiratorially. “…and Rekha was in the adjacent Queen’s Suite!”. WOW! Now that I was given an insight to one of the most famous gossip that has rocked India, and thinking that he had made my day by this piece of information, I was shown my suite. A large bedroom, overlooking the lawns and comprising of smaller rooms for changing, a smaller private ante-room before one entered the spacious bathroom, wherein I could dance too merrily… But what hit me most was the bed! The large 4-poster was so high, that one had to keep a stool to climb on to it! Yes, great for Amitabh, but not someone with my height of 5’3”! In contrast was the Queen’s suite, which had a cozy antechamber with a low seating of thick mattresses and quilts and a nice sensual smell to it… Not much to say here, except that I hardly could sleep on the bed because I was not used to being so elevated that I felt I could touch the high ceiling…

The trip overall, was wonderful... I was taken for an open jeep ride into the forest, which made me beg God for the chance to see the wildlife,which he very meanly did not comply to. (sniff sniff!) And I got to see the famouse Adivasi and tribal villages of the Gowala and Rabari tribes...amazing architecture for those interested! We were there for just an overnight stay, so I could not actually travel around despite wanting to do so...especially to see the Adalaj Wav(step-well), the Calico Museum or the Modhera Sun temple.

There’s more… my meeting a real king and queen and also seeing the Royal summer house of the Scindias… all in the next post!