Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Son(s) of the soil?

“If Raj is arrested, entire Maharashtra will be set on fire!”

The above statement was made by none other than Raj Thackeray, in lieu with his imminent arrest. And I felt real sad on hearing these words... I mean, how can a person who has been born and brought up in this state and calls himself a 'Marathi manoos' who is fighting for 'his people', even think of burning down the home that reared him?

When buses, vehicles, shops in Maharashtra are burnt, who suffers and pays for them? ... the Marathi manoos.
When people are terrorised to stay at home, and all shops and infrastructure shuts down, who suffers?...the Marathi manoos.
When an airline is told it won't be allowed to ply in Mumbai city because it has sacked its employees, there are others who suffer along with the already suffering employees... the Marathi manoos also.

Don't these guys understand the simple basics? The 'Marathi manoos' they are fighting for is the one who's going to suffer at the end of it all. So what are we fighting for? And who and why are we supporting this?

Destroying public life and property is not the answer to anything. Any wrong action in this state will affect its local people first. And this means all who live in Maharashtra- the Maharashtrians. Relegating to violence is only dividing the Marathi manoos against each other, leave aside other communities and languages. It's a shame...

Speaking of locals...there is another view to this story. The Railway authorities knew that such a issue of beating up would surely happen if the exams would take place without keeping the LOCALS in mind. The same has happened earlier in the past. Then why was history allowed to repeat???

And I also fail to understand the other factor of this entire series of events is that in many states, something similar has happened, wherein non-locals have been discriminated against and also at times been assaulted. Why have there been no actions taken against these politicians? I read a comment on the Indian Express site..." I don't understand why Raj T. is facing all the ire. After all he is doing what all his contemporary politicians were doing. Although he is doing it with a difference. Today Mr. Lalu Yadav is saying Raj is mental case. What was he when Biharis were facing the wrath of people of Jharkhand just because they were Biharis. He was enjoying the fruits of division of Bihar.This is the outcome of caste-based politics. Lets face it." At the end of this all- its only politics. So who suffers really?... We, the people.

And finally a question? I'm asking this because I am really unaware of the legalities... Can they really arrest Raj Thackeray because members of his party beat up people? He was not there physically or overseeing it, nor has he given the orders for it. I was just thinking this aloud... if Congress workers act the same at any point, will either Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sharad Pawar or Sonia Gandhi be arrested because they are leading those people?